Nutriculture GroTank NFT System


The Nutriculture GroTank Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) System gives your plants unrestricted access to oxygen.  Yields are typically 3x bigger than if growing in pots. P

Plants are sat on a spreader matt lined tray and placed on top of water tank, roots grow into the mat benefitting from superb access to oxygen. Nutrient rich water is pumped from the tank onto the tray flowing over the roots, excess water then flows back into the tank at the opposite end of the tray. The plant medium simply soaks up whatever it needs form the flowing water, this process also circulates and helps oxidize the nutrient.  Very reliable and easy to use.

The Nutriculture NFT Kit with Black Correx Cover Contains

1 x Reservoir Tank, 1 x Top Tray, 1 x Pumping Kit, 1 x Roll of Spreader-mat, 1 x Correx Cover, accessories/fittings and full Instructions.  Use with an Aerator and Heater to increase oxygen supply and keep nutrients at the right temperature, all sold separately.


  • The Nutriculture Nutrient Film Technique system uses virtually no grow media
  • Oxygenates your plants' roots
  • Constant flow of water and oxygen
  • Zero waste
  • The GroTanks are 20cm tall

 Available in 6 sizes 

  • GT205 - 70x40x20cm (1 to 3 plants)
  • GT424 - 112x50x20cm (3 to 5 plants)
  • GT604 - 153x50x20cm (5 to 8 plants)
  • GT901 - 208x50x20cm  (6 to 12 plants)
  • GT100 - 120x106x20cm (9 to 16 plants)
  • GT150 - 183x98x18cm - (15 to 25 plants)

 PLEASE NOTE WE TAKE PRE ORDERS ON THESE ITEMS WHEN NOT IN STOCK. Please email or call 0203 609 4067 to place an order. Item will be dispatched in 3-5 days.