New Millenium - Decision 940ml


Colorado's original nutrient brand, New Millenium have the standalone fertilizer -  Decision! Designed to help plants transition from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage. This product is formulated to provide plants with all the essential nutrients and compounds needed to support healthy flower development and maximize yields.

New Millenium Decision contains lot of great ingredients, including natural plant hormones, micronutrients, and amino acids all of which combined,  stimulate flower products, increase size and improve flower quality.

New Millenium Decision also helps to improve plant health and resilience by helping them to deal with any stress such as heat or pests. 

Can be added directly to a hydroponic nutrient solution during transition from veg stage to the flowering stage. It can also be used in the early stages of flowering to maximum results.

Decision may cause yellowing of the plant in both older and newer leaves if overused; plants will easily recover once placed back on a regular diet.