Mycorrhiza Mycormix 420g - The Growers Guide


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Mycorrhiza Mycormix 420g is an excellent mycorrhizae product designed to help incorporate this fungi species into your growing media. Containing inert elements such as slate, zeolite, and expanded clay. Combined with reproductive particles like spores, mycelium and fragments of colonised roots from six different Glomuss spp strains. They have also included a mix of additives that actually aid the symbiosos. Mycorrhiza's symbiosis: algae extract, natural humus, natural sources of nitrogen and magnesium. You see symbiosis helps your plants resistancy to enviromental stress, like drought or even help against the presence of soil pathogens and even lack of nutrients.

This product will also help to decrease your water and fertiliser needs.

Tip: You can also use this in a gel form by simply adding water.

Green Thumb Ninja says: A great little combination of natural spores, fungi and natural sources of elements fused together to make a highly useable addition to your garden.