Dutch Pro - Multi Total

size: 5L

Dutch Pro Multi Total is a nutrient optimiser rich in Humic and Fulvic acids. It helps generate an efficient absorption of nutrients. More energy is created and a plant's fruit and flower development is much improved. It sparks off significant root growth by improving soil structure in terms of water retention and promotes nutrient producing bacterial life in the substrate. The increased nutrient uptake leads to an overflow of sugar creation and a higher yield.

Improved Substrate Structure: Multi Total stimulates an increase in the cation exchange capacity (CEC). CEC is when positively charged ions meet the substrate. The higher the CEC, the more cation the substrate can attract and the better the substrate fertility will be. Multi Total increases CEC, which results in better substrate fertility and your plants being able to withdraw more nutrients from their substrate. This will leave your plants stronger and with better growth rates. With increased strength and fertility, the plant becomes healthier, and it is more adapted to fight off diseases and fungi. Multi Total not only takes care of your plants but also keeps your substrates just as healthy for long term use.


Cost savings: With Multi Total the overall use of nutrients decreases because of optimal nutrient absorption. With fewer nutrients needed, this causes Multi Total saves you money.