Mother Earth 4L - Advanced Nutrients


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Advanced Nutrients has gone to great lengths to develop of the very best organic growing products - Mother Earth Super Tea Organic OIM supplements are one of their finest inventions. It’s a consistent, reliable Tea Brew that works with all base nutrients, bringing the flavour-enhancement of organics to ANY mineral garden.

Advanced Nutrients use a proprietary extraction process that ensures the biological purity of the organic extracts to ensure you experience maximized growth rates and yields from your grow and bloom cycles!

Mother Earth Super Tea Organic OIM aids your current fertilizers produce vigorous growth and impressive yields no matter what type of garden you are growing in and regardless of the cultivars you decide to grow.

Super Tea contains growth maximisers and bloom-potentiating ingredients so you’re guaranteed to unlock the full genetic potential of your plants!

Mother Earth Super Tea Organic OIM contains chlorophyll-rich alfalfa extracts and at least 80 other plant-potentiating organic substances (like earthworm castings and kelp) so your plants get fed complex vitamins, potassium, phosphorus and other powerhouse nutrients that make for vigorous, lush growth and, tastier fruit with great colour, taste and amazing aroma.

The ratios and types of ingredients in Mother Earth Super Tea Organic OIM feed your crops the most bio-available organic phosphorus, potassium and other extracts your plants need so they give you maximize growth rates during vegetative growth and a harvest of the highest-quality flowers and fruit possible.