Mineral Magic 1L - General Hydroponics


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Mineral Magic is a rare natural additive which also contains XXX silicate powder (SiO4), iron (Fe), sulphur (S), magnesium (Mg) plus 65 other salts! Excellent in all mediums ( soil, coco, hydro) and in all cultivation systems, Mineral Magic brings the exceptional element, silicate to the table so to speak.

Silicate is a documented and vital element for taller plants, as higher plants require a stronger structure and as Silica is a concentrated in the plant cells and epidermal tissue, and the plant then utilizes it to form a fine coat of silicon-cellulose . From root to tip in fact, this has a vast strengthening result on the plant cell walls and boosts the integrity of plant tissue making for stronger growth and all over plant formation. The added benefit of this fine layer/coat of silicate is that it acts like a hardened shield against insect attack and disease.

It also promotes more uniform growth pattern. Ultimately this makes for healthier, much stronger plants able of supporting more foliage and ultimately producing more fruit with a larger bio-mass. Plants deprived of Silicon are often weaker structurally and also more susceptible to abnormalities of growth and development.

Mineral Magic ingredients have ancient ocean-bed deposits of biologically transformed XXX substance, plus naturally formed silica acid clay.

Mineral Magic’s natural colloids improve cation exchange capacity to nutrient solutions. This enhances nutrient availability (meaning Ionic). It helps stabilise your nutrient solution pH and conductivity which reduces stress for rapidly growing plants. It also protects against toxicity of metals.

Tip: InHydro systems we strongly advise on this product not to be used with micro organism containing products as it is counterproductive towards them, as silicate dissolves into silicic acid, which then unfortunately slows down the progress of all beneficial bacteria colonies forming productively.

Soil on the other hand when mixed in powder form, the range of elements stimulate the growth of beneficial micro organisms, creating a optimum and XXX environment where your crops will flourish

Green Thumb Ninja says: 'This remarkable product has everything you'd want in a additive plus the kitchen sink!'