Newa Micro Jet Water Pumps


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Newa Micro Jet Water Pumps

With an adjustable flow rate these economical little pumps will provide the vital oxygen for your water tank or aquarium. These Newa pumps are full submersible with an easy to cleanremovable foam cube the maintenace which is essential for optimal use.

  • Small, Light & Compact
  • Excellent water pumping capacity
  • Use fully submerged or in as little as 1/2" of water
  • x4 suction cups for sturdy grip
  • Reliable and functional when keeping up with maintenance
  • Exonomical power consumption

MC450 Oxy Pump

  • Flow Rate: 450 litres per hour
  • Max Jet Height: 70cm
  • Power Consumption: 6w
  • Outlet Pipe Size: 13mm
  • Features a length of air-line tubing to draw air from above the waterline