Maxibright Daylight LED Lighting Controller


 The new DAYLIGHT Lighting Controller has been designed and manufactured to power your grow lights, whether you are using CMH or LED technology. Whether you want functionality like sunrise/sunset options, dimming on overheat or simply need to control the times of banks of lights with ease, this unit has you covered. Connected via the iLink ports, you can daisy chain multiple lighting fixtures together and control them all from the one unit, with the simple touch of a few buttons. Things couldn’t be made simpler for you!

• Two zones (A & B) controlled independently 

• Control for 400 HID ballasts or 100 LED drivers 

• Max HID ballasts per zone: 200 

• Max LEDs per zone: 50

On/Off 24hr timer

Controls: DAYLIGHT iLink ballast for 315W CMH, 480W, 660W and 1030W LED

Dimming range (1% increments) LED – 20%-100% HID – 50%-100%

Sunset and sunrise settings: 0-30 mins

Temperature safety control

Thermostatically controlled dimming