Krystal - Acoustic Box Fan 4250 m3/h


Krystal Box Fans arespecifically designed to ventilate large greenhouses and growrooms in the most cost effective and quiet way. All Krystal Box Fans are designed and manufactured in the UK by an experienced team of engineers, using only high quality components such as Industrial Grade MDF, professional standard acoustic foam and Torin Sifan motors - one of the worlds leading manufacturers of squirrel cage ventilation motors.

The Krystal Box Fan range are wooden insulated box fans, manufactured by Century Grow Systems in England using the best quality components. 

These powerful fans are surrounded by MDF wooden panels, ensuring minimal noise.

Powerful and effective, when noise is an issue we would recommend these.

Krystal Acoustic Box Fans


10" (250mm) or 12" (315mm)
Flow Rate: 4250 m3/hr
Flow Direction: L shape
Noise Level: 66.2 Db
Weight: 35 KG
Current: 6 Amps
Power: 1255 Watts
Dimensions: 53x47x47cm (53x47x50cm for 12")