Fennel Organic Seeds - Orion


Excellent quality round-shaped and smooth bulbs that show good tolerance to bolting. High yielding and very uniform variety for harvesting in early autumn. Delicious as a braised vegetable or grated and added raw to salads.

Pack Size: 30 Seeds

 Where to Sow  

Sow direct into the vegetable plot, sow seeds thinly along rows 2cm (3/4in) deep and  30-45cm (12-18in) between the rows.   
What to do next  

Fennel does not like root disturbance so should not be transplanted. Thin seedlings as soon as large enough to handle to 25-30cm (10-12in) apart. Water well until plants are established. As the swollen stems start to develop, gradually build the earth up around them to preserve the whiteness and flavor.   

Handy Tip 

The whole plant can be used in the kitchen leaves for fish dishes, stems, and bulbs raw in salads or braised as a vegetable.