Endive Organic Seeds- Pancalieri


Broad bulky heads with dark green, very serrated outer leaves, and creamy white hearts. Cropping throughout the year.   

Pack Size: 250 Seeds


Sow outdoors direct into the soil in shallow rows


As soon as the seedlings are large enough to handle, transplant to the growing site 30cm apart.

A native of the East Indies. Grows up to 1 meter high and has entirely smooth leaves. Stems are hollow. Not as hardy as chicory and has blue flowers.

French names: Chicoree frisee - Chicoree scarole. 

Italian names: Endivia - Endivia riccia - Endivia scarola.

Chicories and endives are the most useful and varied range of the salad plants and provide salad leaf all year. Many are extremely decorative, some being red, (pink when blanched) and many are red and green variegated and the frizzy endives are particularly attractive. Large-leaved endives are deliciously cooked lightly in butter.