Cucumber Organic Seeds- Marketmore


Thick dark green fruit with small white spines up to 20cm in length. Medium early ridge type for outdoor protection. 

Pack Size: 25 Seeds


Indoors - Sow in May in pots under glass at 25° C.  Glasshouse sowings should be gradually hardened off before planting out. Outdoors - Sow in the growing site in June, 60cm between plants, 2 seeds per station.  Thin to the strongest plant as soon as possible.  Water plentifully and often and pick the fruits regularly to ensure a continuous crop.  When watering, always use tap water at room temperature to avoid any bacterial infection.


One of the traditional ways to ensure germination is to fold a damp sheet of kitchen paper in half, and place the seeds on their edge in the fold.  Then place in a plastic bag and put them in the airing cupboard.  Check daily and once germinated, place in compost and grow on as normal.