Beetroot (Beta Vulgaris) Swiss Chard Organic Seeds


The Swiss Chard beetroot is a large pure white rib with attractive dark green leaf. 

A very valuable vegetable. It produces delicious vitamin and mineral rich greens, as well as succulent mid-ribs. This variety is easy to grow, and very hardy, enabling the gardener to have an all year supply. Leaves should be harvested singly or cut and inch above the ground and left to come again. Leaf beet has very few pests or diseases. This variety is also very attractive and will make a striking edge to a border.

WHERE TO SOWSow direct in growing site 1cm deep in rows 35-40cm apart.

WHAT TO DO NEXTDo not transplant seedlings. As the seedlings appear, gradually thin until plants are 20cm apart.

HANDY TIPSDo not over-cook either part of the plant. Ideal for stir fry cooking. Excellent nutritional value. The white mid ribs can be cooked like Asparagus.

NUTRITIONAL VALUESRich in Beta carotene, calcium, iron and folic acid.