Hailea HX 88F Series Fountain Pump (1050L/Hr - 8000L/Hr)


The HX88 series of water pumps comes with multiple benefits for both the aquatic and hydroponic market. Suitable for both submersible or external use the HX88 series has an integrated thermal protector and uses it robust aluminium ceramic shaft which can handle small particles. It has the option to be purchased with a fountain attachment.

  • CE and UL approved

  • Filter based in the head of the pump to remove debris

HX8810/F 1050 l/hour 1.4m 19mm 12W 138 x 83 x 88mm
HX8825/F 2400 l/hour 2.1m 19mm 35W 157 x 85 x 104mm
HX8830/F 2900 l/hour 2.3m 25mm 45W 157 x 85 x 104mm
HX8840/F 4900 l/hour 3.0m 25mm 95W 239 x 102 x 149mm
HX8850/F 4000 l/hour 3.3m 25mm 70W 216 x 100 x 140mm
HX8860/F 5800 l/hour 4.1m 25mm 130W 242 x 145 x 170mm
HX8890/F 8000 l/hour 5.0m 25mm 200W 242 x 145 x 170mm