Growth Technology - Chilli and Pepper Focus (300ml)



Chilli & Pepper Focus has been skillfully created to promote the development of chilies and peppers in pots, grow bags, and in the open ground. It is a well-balanced fertilizer solution made from pure mineral salts and enhanced with complex organic plant acids like humic and fulvic acid to boost the fertility of the potting media.

General Information

Bottles are available in 100ml and 300ml sizes. It is particularly built for leafy herbs and is based on more than two decades of commercial herb cultivation.


  • Unique, balanced nutrient solution for chillies and peppers
  • The only liquid nutrient solution on the market specifically formulated for chilli and pepper plants
  • Supports the production of healthier, more vigorous plants and colourful, juicier fruits

How to Use

Use in accordance with the label's directions for the best results.