Green Sensation - Plagron


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Green Sensation by Plagron is a powerful health booster that can be used in any grow medium helping guarantee high yields.

Green Sensation improves flowering, resistance, soil and yields.
It combines 4 positive effects in 1 bottle.

The 4 advantages of Green Sensation:
1. 4 effects in 1
2. Cost-effective to use
3. High quality of end result and ingredients
4. User-friendly

Green Sensation - Dosage and use:
Add 1 ml of Green Sensation per 1 litre of water (1:1000).
Then add the basic nutrient until the desired EC value is reached.
Use this nutrient solution every time the plants are irrigated.
This product was developed especially for use from the 4th week of the flowering phase.

Green Sensation NPK:
NPK fertiliser (0-9-10)
Phosphorus 9%
Potassium 10%

Tips from Plagron:
Green Sensation eliminates the need for additives like PK 13-14 or flowering stimulators.
Depending on the substrate it is possible to save an amazing 50% on fertilisers.

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