Gold Label Flower Enhancer


A blend of mineral and biological ingredients, we continuously push the boundaries of horticultural technology to produce a product that stimulates your flavour and aroma, while also increasing your yields.

Organically Sourced Ingredients

We take our main ingredients from organic sources, which gives the plant sustained energy for the demanding processes during the flowering cycle. The addition of humic acids enhances the nutrient uptake of all essential elements, improves the structure of your substrate, regulates the pH and promotes the development of amino acids.

Enhanced Nutrient Availability

The incorporation of amino-acids dramatically increases nutrient uptake through its natural chelation of metals, especially calcium, which often becomes unavailable to plants. An increase in calcium uptake creates a robust vascular system within the plant, and this raises the sugar content of the plant for improved taste and aromas.

Increased Yields

The real innovation is the nano iron we use to increase your yields. Iron is an overlooked plant element because of the difficulty your plants have in obtaining it naturally. Our nano iron is different in two ways. Firstly it is chelated with Aloé Vera, which instantly makes it more available than traditional chelators. Secondly, the size of our iron particles are much smaller than standard iron particles, so your plants can uptake more without expending extra energy. Iron is needed for the production of chlorophyll, and it's this molecule that makes a plant green and harnesses light power for food. When you increase the availability of iron to your plants, you are improving its available energy leading to an increase in your yields, density and quality.

Do you want a product that will enhance flavours, improve aromas and deliver bigger yields in one bottle? Then Gold Label Flower Enhancer is the perfect addition to your nutrient regime.