GAS AC-EC Digital Controller





The G.A.S AC-EC Digital Controller is the ultimate fan controller offering precision control of any duct fan, regardless of whether it uses AC or newer EC technology . The AC-EC controller will regulate fan airflow rates according to temperature and humidity levels, with different settings for day and night, allowing you to get your environment spot.

If you’ve upgraded to a newer, more efficient EC extraction system, but you still have an AC intake, then the AC-EC Fan Controller is ideal. It comes with two sockets that can handle 5 amps each; one for your intake and one for your extraction system. You can regulate EC fans at the same time by connecting them to the unit using controller cables.

The combination of EC and AC technologies enables control of all fans. The built-in fan balancer enables negative pressure to be established accurately. The intake fan will remain off until the temperature or humidity increase, at which point the fans ramp up, saving energy and reducing wear on the ventilation system.

However, having the flexibility to combine different fan types isn’t the only thing that this amazing little piece of kit offers. The G.A.S AC-EC digital controller offers additional functionality over other controllers by allowing you to choose different settings for daytime and night-time. Plants have different requirements for light and dark periods; when photosynthesising, many popular indoor grown plants flourish at around 25 degrees Celsius. During darkness, overall growth rates are enhanced when the temperature drops down to around 18 degrees. Most other fan speed controllers cannot account for this fact, but the AC-EC is equipped for the job! A light sensor is built into the probe, so you don’t have to worry about programming in lighting periods, because this is taken care of for you

The controller also allows for minimum and maximum fan speeds to be set.


  • New easy to mount enclosure
  • Temperature and humidity control
  • Set maximum and minimum fan speeds
  • Set day and night temperature and humidity values
  • Set negative pressure
  • Plugs directly into all Systemair’s AC and EC fans
  • Requires EC cables, supplied separately
  • 12 month warranty