Terra Aquatica - TriPart FloraMicro (HW)


General Hydroponics -TriPart® Micro (formerly Flora Micro)

is made for use during the vegetative and blooming phases. 

TriPart® Micro provides the plant with all the necessary micro-elements in a chelated form. It also includes sub micro-elements and organic buffers which help stabilise the solution’s pH. FloraMicro complements FloraGro and FloraBloom in secondary and major nutrients.

  • Use the fertilizer with any growing medium or system;
  • The formula comprises essential micronutrients and trace elements. The NPK ratio stands at 5-0-1;
  • The fertilizer is a base nutrient and part of the 3-part Flora series.

 How to Use

Use TriPart® Micro in combination with Tripart Grow and tripart Bloom. During the vegetative phase, use the formula at a rate of between 0.25 and 0.7 ml/L. During the flowering stage, use the product at a dosage of 1 ml/L.