AutoPot - FlexiTank


The FlexiTank is an inventive idea which helps to make water storage easier. It requires no tools for assembly, reduces storage and simply takes minutes to assemble. The best thing about the Flexitank is that it can be placed and used where old fashioned tanks could not. Made with a super strong and water tight material with a variety of tank sizes available 25L - 1000L.

The FlexiTank is fully collapsible! It reduces significantly in size once disassembled and can be stored in small indoor spaces with minimal disruption. The exterior skin is durable and weatherproof, thanks to its specially sealed seams and focus on high-quality, 100% waterproof components.

The tank can be filled and poured out as needed using the press-to-release tap. Save journeys back and forth, and eliminate water wastage, by always having exactly the amount of water you need. 

On a hot summer day, outdoor water can account for up to 50% of household water consumption. By collecting rainwater and saving it for a dry day, you’ll notice a dramatic drop in utility bills and make use of a free, nitrate-rich resource. 

Tip: All AutoPot tanks can also be easily adapted and connected to the mains using a ball-cock in the tank. This method will then provide you with a constant level of water in the tank.