Street Light - Dual Spectrum LED Light Strip


Street Light LED grow light strips are cost effective and highly efficient hydroponic lights. Perfect for propagation lighting or as a supplement to HID lighting. They offer less heat and more light than alternatives on the market, whilst using less energy. This means you can place LED lights closer to your plants without fear of them becoming too hot and making the most of the light available.

They are available in different colour spectrums to suit the needs of your plant at different growth stages. 

  • Blue light ideal propagation (6500k)
  • Red light suitable for the flowering stage (2700k)
  • Dual spectrum provides Red and Blue light to plants so ideal if you do not want to change your light during the grow. (6500k/2700k)
  • It is though recommended that for improved yields you should use specific light spectrums at the point your plants require them
  • Long life - up to 50,000 hours
  • Growers covering a larger growing area can link up to 7 light strips together
  • 3-year warranty

Available in 5 sizes;

  • 12”/30cm
  • 18”/45cm
  • 24”/60cm
  • 36”/90cm
  • 48”/120cm