Dr FeelGood - Enhancer


DR FEELGOOD’S ENHANCER is a fantastic organic enhancer for strong healthy plants. This brilliant Bio stimulant is suitable from seed to harvest and will not only give you strong roots, a bigger harvest and lush green leaves, but it also helps against calcium or magnesium deficiency.  Available in 1L only. 

  • 100% organic (Organic Farmers & Growers registered)
  • Rooting compound
  • Bioactive and contains nitrates and chelating compounds for healthy strong roots that support the best plants ever!
  • No chemical PGR’s, in fact no nasty chemicals at all
  • Organic content at an incredible 30% and an NPK of ratio 3:1:6

Benefits include

  • Much increased nutrient uptake
  • Earlier harvests and bigger yields
  • More flowers and greatly increased aroma and flavour when used as a root feed throughout and also during flushing
  • Strong roots and healthy uptake of nutrients
  • Helps against calcium or magnesium deficiency
  • Lush green plants
  • Disease resistant plants with strong leaves and stems
  • Great when used alone but with other products it makes other products even more magnificent, magnifying their effect!
  • No residue
  • No overdose or burning.
  • Treatment and prevention against root maggots, disease and customer feedback suggests this is the way to the best plants ever!!

Application Guide:

  • For seeds and clones use a maximum 4ml per litre until the plants are established (usually a week or so after planting)
  • Can be used from seed right through to harvest
  • Shake bottle before use. There is a natural organic settlement at the bottom of the bottle that contains great nutrition for your plants and the natural bacteria and enzymes in the product. If you experience any clogging of your systems (which we have to date no reports of) then you may consider not shaking the bottle and discarding the very bottom of the bottle (I think it may be best just saying this on the phone or responding with this if we get any reports).
  • 4ml per litre daily or 20ml per litre once or twice per week as a root feed
  • As a foliar feed 5-10ml per litre using a fine mist spray
  • Use immediately after mixing with water
  • No need to turn off your lights during application
  • Suitable for use with coco, hydro, soil and any other growth medium
  • Works best with dechlorinated water due to the bacterial and enzymatic content