Terra Aquatica - Fulvic

size: 1L

Boost your root system with the new formula Fulvic from General Hydroponics. 

100%-natural bio-stimulator a makeover - (formerly Diamond Nectar) natural bio-stimulator

The biggest boost you can give your plants after nutrients is a high quality Fulvic acid, and DiamondNectar® was the best in the world. Out of the Humic family of compounds, Fulvic acid does the real heavy lifting by making minerals more easily absorbed by plants: making nutrients more effective. GHE analysed and tested over 300 different sources from around the world to give their proprietary, pH balanced, fulvic acid the maximum agronomic benefits: Better root development, earlier harvests, healthier, disease resistant plants, enhanced quality of flavour and fragrance, and increased essential oil production and significantly higher yields. What could they do better? Well their agronomist found an even more concentrated source, with added humates!