Diamond Nectar - General Hydroponics


General Hydroponics Diamond Nectar  - available as 500ml, 1L, 5L, 10L - General Hydroponics

This is an organic bio stimulator with Fulvic and Humic acid for growth of vegetation and yield enhancement.


Soluble Humic and Fulvic acids contain a combination of natural plant growth promoting compounds plus nutrient enhancing ingredients that improve uptake and utilisation of nutrients by growing plants. 

How Diamond Nectar works:

Even when there are low level of nutrients in natural soil  environments plant growth still happens because the smallest humic acids channel available nutrients directly into nearby vegetation. Small particle sized humic and fulvic acids accelerate nutrient absorption at the root boundary zone where minerals enter the plant and optimise nutrient uptake in vegetation. Diamond Nectar is a mix of these acids with mostly Fulvic but quite a bit of Humic too, which gives it a slightly brownish colour.

How Diamond Nectar is made:

Diamond Nectar is made from a combination of unique Leonardite sources providing the highest availability and diversity of these bio-active plant compounds. Millions of years ago prehistoric plants and animals were consumed in the ecological cycle of life. Buried thousands of feet deep and converted to carbon, some of these deposits produced diamonds. Others were pushed to the surface during the ice ages and became Leonardite. In New Mexico an extraordinary Leonardite deposit was formed. It contains the riches of natural organic matter composted for millennia and freely available to growing plants. This deposit is carefully mined and natural compounds called humates are extracted.

Soluble Humates (the humic and fulvic acids family) contain a myriad of natural plant growth promoting compounds plus nutrient enhancing ingredients.

Fulvic acid enhances plant growth and yield:

1. It improves uptake and utilisation of nutrients and minerals by growing plants.
2. It transports nutrients to all plant parts: roots, stems, foliage, flowers and fruit.
3. It affords growers the benefits of natural organic mater in a liquid form.
4. In hydroponics and soilless cultivation, it helps create an environment closer to soil conditions.

Diamond Nectar is not a fertiliser. It is an additive to be used in combination with comprehensive nutrients like Flora-series and One Part.

Combined with a conventional nutrition program, it leads to earlier harvests, healthier disease resistant plants and enhanced qualities of flavour, fragrance, essential oils, plus significantly higher yields.

Apply Diamond Nectar to all cultivated plants, including ornamentals, culinary and aromatics, fruit and vegetables, trees, etc.

It is adapted to hydroponics and soil. Pour directly into the reservoir or use as a foliar spray.

Caution! Always check PH after mixing nutrients as final solution may change PH levels.