REDUCED TO CLEAR - CANNA Mono Calcium (set of 1L x 3)


Canna Mono Nutrients

Canna pure Mono Nutrients are produced from exceptional ingredients, are easily soluble and directly absorbed by the plant.


Plant tissues are optimally stabilised by using CANNA Calcium. Calcium is, amongst others, responsible for the structural and physiological stability of the plant tissues. It acts to stabilise the cell wall, influences growth hormones and regulates the transport of water and nutrients in the plant. Canna liquid calcium can be directly absorbed by the plant, so that the cell tissue is immediately strengthened.

CANNA Calcium can be used as calcium fertiliser to replenish a calcium deficiency or as a supplementary nutrient to stimulate growth.

This mineral fertiliser contains 15% calcium (Ca) and is chloride-free.

Liquid calcium fertiliser can be immediately absorbed by the plant and directly fortifies the cell tissue. Liquid calcium fertiliser can be mixed with other fertilisers, except when in concentrated form with fertilisers containing phosphate, citrate and sulphate.


  • To be applied as a calcium fertiliser in the case of a calcium deficiency.
  • As a supplementary remedy to stimulate the growth.


Dilute 10-20 ml concentrate per 10 litre of water (1:1000/1:500).


A good fertiliser contains all essential elements in the correct proportions. An overdose of calcium can result in magnesium deficiency. Therefore, proceed with caution when determining the dose; an overdose could be harmful to the plant!

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