BioTabs - Guerilla Tabs


Contains GuerrillaTabs & GuerrillaJuice in one box.
Organic slow release fertilizer tablets, juice, AND beneficial bacteria. 

Various box sizes are available to the Guerrilla farmer. Each big plant should have 4 tablets.

Do less work for better yields. Let nature do the work for you.
The Guerrilla Box will get the most out of your plants, organically of course.

GuerrillaTabs are slow-release organic fertilizer tablets.

GuerrillaTabs condition the soil through microbiological activity while fertilizing the plant.

Organic slow release fertiliser tabs 10 grams 15-7-8

Use 4 tabs per 10-litre container.

In-ground plants: use 4 tabs per plant.

Push the tabs 5 cm deep below soil level.

Water plants