Complete Organics - Guanokalong


Complete Organics Powder

Literally the Guanakalong Organics entire range in one all-in-one powder.


Complete organics powder is a supreme organic mix of seaweed powder, palm tree ashes, cotton seed powder, fish powder and volcanic loam.

Complete Organics fertiliser mix developed by Bio Grow in cooperation with Femeg – GK-Organics.

Guanokalong powder is mixed in combination with GK-Organics products.

This unique mix of products represents a full body of pure organic NPK value with plenty of trace elements. The total PH value is 5.9, and the EC value is 1.3.

Please have a look at the full Guanokalong range.

NPK 2 5 3

Tip: Mix your Complete organics powder at these ratios: Light=0.5L, Medium=1L, Heavy=3L with every 50 litres of soil.

Fertilise from 2nd week.