Guanokalong- Complete Organics


Complete Organics Powder by Guanokalong is all literally the Guanokalong Organics entire range in one all-in-one powder.

This 100% organic all in one fertiliser is supreme organic mix of Guanokalong Powder, GK Organics Seaweed powder, Palm Tree Ash, Veg Pearls and Lava Worm Powder. It contains everything for the growth and bloom of your plants and flowers. 

 This unique mix of products represents a full body of pure organic NPK value with plenty of trace elements. The total PH value is 5.9, and the EC value is 1.3.

An ideal solution for nutrient poor soil or plants with stress. 

 Tip: Mix your Complete organics powder at these ratios: Light=0.5L, Medium=1L, Heavy=3L with every 50 litres of soil.

Fertilise from 2nd week.