BAC - Complete Organic Starter Kit


Organic Starter Kit - BAC

A full range of 100% organic plant nutrients that contains everything you need to grow your own high quality organic food.

The package contains enough Root Stimulator, Bloom Stimulator, Organic PK Booster and Final Solution for several grow cycles.

The only products you have to buy as extras for the next grow cycles are basic BAC Organic Grow and Organic Bloom.

The BAC Organic Starter Kit has been put together so that you can easily get acquainted with high quality organic plant food from BAC.


  • X-Seed 10 ml sachet
  • Organic Grow 250 ml
  • Organic Bloom 250 ml
  • Organic PK Booster 250 ml
  • Root Stimulator 30 ml
  • Bloom Stimulator 30 ml
  • Final Solution 30 ml

The organic growth products ensure the optimum construction of the plant skeleton, roots, root hairs, growth shoots and leaves of your crop.

The organic bloom products ensure the production of flowers and sugars.

The PK booster creates an explosive production of sugars in the crop and improves the taste, odour and quality of your end product.

The two stimulators improve and accelerate various processes. For example, the root stimulator accelerates the production of roots and the flowering stimulator ensures better and faster absorption of nutrients.

Finally, you can use the Final Solution to convert unused waste salts into high-quality and quickly absorbable enzymes.