Jiffy 7 Peat Plugs - 38mm dry


The Jiffy Plug is an unique rooting media comprised from high quality substrates into a paper sleeve.

This product, well known on the market as paper plug, has been proven to be a suitable propagation media for many crops worldwide.

The Jiffy-7® pellet: fine netting is filled with high-quality substrate and then compressed to form a handy pellet. Just add water, and the little planting wonder grows to up to seven times its size in a few moments. It is held together by fine netting, ensuring optimum air/water exchange.

  • Compressed pellets instead of heavy potting soil 
  • Made from the renewable raw material Sphagnum peat moss
  •  Reliable and fast germination for healthy plants with strong root systems •
  • Clean and convenient planting.

Just add water to the small pellets and they expand, ready for us. Place a seed in the top and in no time you will have happy seedlings.