Circulation Pumps - Newa Wave


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Newa Wave Circulation Pumps

  • Circulation pump for aquariums
  • Useful to re-create natural currents in fresh water and marine aquariums
  • Compact size, adjustable direction of water flow
  • Self-cleaning and high efficiency impeller
  • High performance with minimum power consumption
  • Safe mounting thanks to a powerful magnetic holder with anti-vibration and anti-noise features
  • Reliable, extremely silent and easy to maintain.
Model Power Q-Max Flow Marine Fresh Water
NWA 1900 adj 2.6w 800-1900L/h 30-100 L 45-200L
NWA 3200 2.8w 3200L/h 90-180L 150-350L
NWA 5900 5.2w 5900L/h 160-350L 250-600L
NWA 7500 6.2w 7500L/h 320-450L 450-750L
NWA 10700 6.8w 10700L/h 410-600L 600-1100L
NWA 13300 11.4w 13300L/h 580-800L 850-1400L