Carrot - Autumn King - Organic Seeds


The most popular main crop carrot. The yield of long thick roots with good colour and flavour can be pulled as required during winter.

Carrots are often thought of as the ultimate health food. You were probably told to "eat your carrots" by your parents.

It is believed that the carrot was first cultivated in the area now known as Afghanistan thousands of years ago as a small forked purple or yellow root with a woody and bitter flavour, resembling nothing of the carrot we know today.

Purple, red, yellow and white carrots were cultivated long before the appearance of the now popular orange carrot, which was developed and stabilised by Dutch growers in the 16th and 17th centuries.


Early sowings cam be made in a cold frame or under cloches. In mild areas, sow in October under glass for really early spring use.


Sow very thinly in drills 1.5cm deep with 25cm between rows. Carrot fly is attracted to thinnings, so try to avoid thinning at all.  If plants are overcrowded, pull alternate roots when small and use whole.

Pack Size: 400 Seeds