Canna - Terra Professional 50L

size: Terra Professional 50L

CANNA Terra Professional is a nitrogen-rich plant culture potting mix. Your plants will thrive in a potting mix that is high in nitrogen. CANNA Terra Professional potting mix is unlike anything else available at a garden center. It's made composed of improved black peat, granulated peat moss, and perlite. This is the potting mix to use whether you are growing indoors or outside.


  • Exclusive, high-value organic components, such as disease-free airy peat moss
  • These substances also encourage superior root growth and the creation of thicker stems.
  • Higher yields. Faster metabolism combined with low sickness rates ensure an increased production

How to use

Fill the pots with CANNA Terra Professional, slightly compressing the medium. Place the plant in the CANNA Terra Professional after adding water until a small amount drains through.

  • Adjust the amount of water delivered to the demands of the plant in question-based on the size of the pot, growing circumstances, and development stage. Adult plants evaporate 4-6 liters of moisture per m2 per day under typical circumstances.
  • Use 5 gallons or bigger containers for larger plants. The bigger the pot, the more stable the root environment. If you're using run-to-waste, make sure there's enough drainage; you might want to put a thin layer of hydro-granules in the bottom of the pot for air and drainage.
  • CANNA Terra Professional is a product with a uniform structure that is natural and devoid of hazardous viruses and soil illnesses. CANNA Terra Professional includes a sophisticated water/air system that produces perfect conditions for nearly any type of growth. CANNA Terra Professional is an outstanding potting mix improver after usage.

CANNA Terra Professional's plastic packaging material is 100% recyclable.


  • Store in a cool dry place
  • Do not expose to temperatures below 4°C
  • Bag contents 25L or 50L