Mills - C4


Mills C4 is a sophisticated blend of macro and micro nutrients, bio-stimulants, carbohydrates and trace minerals that focus on guaranteeing the grower heavier yields while also enhancing the quality of the plants. This is also a simple yet effective product to use if you’re a grower – no need to pay attention to the growing medium or watering methods. This blend is designed to fit your growing style whether you are a hydroponics grower or you are using any other method. 

  • Stimulates massive amounts of essential oils and sugar production
  • Help your plants grow –fast and qualitatively
  • Plants will develop denser, harder and heavier flowers 

Use from the second to sixth week of bloom phase.


Total nitrogen (N): 0.5% w/w Phosphate(P2O5): 3.9% w/w Potassium(K2O): 2.6% w/w

NPK 1 8 5