Budget Mini Air Pumps - Hailea


Budget Mini Air Pumps – Hailea

A perfect, economical, high quality air pump for hydroponics, aquariums and bubbling water to eliminate chlorine and make compost teas.

These easy to set up mini electric HAILEA aquarium pumps possess an advanced air-compressing system, damping system and multilevel muffler which is extremely low in noise. They use a special artificial rubber to keep steady air output and pressure. There are 4 air outlets and the structure is reasonable and compact.

The Hailea mini air pump has a long service life and gives good results with low power consumption.

The advantages of Hailea Budget Mini Air pumps:

  • Low cost series for continuous or intermittent duty
  • Multiple outlet options eliminate the need for manifolds
  • Ideal for single or multi pot hydroponics systems or small tanks
  • Steady air output and pressure
  • Quiet


  • ACO2201 – 1.3 l/min – 4mm Connector Size
  • ACO2202 – 1.6 l/min – 4mm Connector Size
  • ACO2203 – 2.0 l/min – 4mm Connector Size
  • ACO2204 – 4.0 l/min (2.0 x 2 outlets) – 4mm Connector Size
  • ACO2206 – 10.0 l/min (2.5 x 4 outlets) – 4mm Connector Size
  • ACO2208 – 30.0 l/min – 4mm Connector Size