Buddha's Tree - Solar Green Power


Solar Green Power is a silicon product for use during the vegetative and blooming stages.  

  • Creates a protective cellulose layer around plant material
  • Raises concentrations of chlorophyll, enhancing photosynthesis
  • Develops fatter stems and stronger branches
  • Boosts your plants' immune system
  • Dramatically improves plant cell integrity
  • Increases nutrient uptake and absorption of CO2
  • Reduces water-loss through leaves

Solar Green power can be used in any medium or grow system.

It can be used through out your grow cycle from vegetative to flower. 

Stop using it at least one week before harvest, while performing the final flush.

Silicic acid is the simplest most soluble basic form of silica.

Buddhas Tree Solar Green Power is the most usable absorbable Silica possible!

PH 7.0

Make up your base nutrients as usual, administer at 0.5ml per litre of nutrient solution.

Hydroponics: 0.5ml per litre

Coco:            0.5ml per litre

Soil:              0.5ml per litre

Tip: As a foliar spray - 1ml per litre weekly OR spray once at the end of vegative period at 5 ml per litre.

Also available in 500ml.