Advanced Nutrients - Bud Candy


Bud Candy feed Sugars, aminos and vitamins to your plants - Taste their bigger sweeter buds

 Getting sweeter, bigger harvests happens when you give your plants carbohydrates that jolt them with an energy boost.

This is an important fact to remember - during peak bloom cycle your plants’ need for sugars exceeds their ability to manufacture sugars - the more a grwoer is pushing them with extra C02 and nutrients the more carbohydrates they need and sadly the more they fall behind.

The resulting carbo deficiency is the same thing that happens when athletes collapse near the end of grueling competition. And it’s why carboloading is a favorite tactic athletes use to keep going strong for victory, when others fall and fail. 

Not just any carbohydrates, but the right ones for your plants

Carboloading your plants requires a special formula. Plants best absorb simple or complex carbohydrates when they are present as arabinose, dextrose, glucose, maltose and xylose from raw cane extract, malt extract, cranberry extract and other premium carbohydrate sources.

Not only does this end mid-bloom slump but these materials fuel beneficial bacteria and fungi in your root zone.

When you’ve installed beneficial bacteria and fungi in your root zone, they thrive best when they have externally provided carbohydratess to feed on.

Beneficial bacteria and fungi increase root mass, increase nutrient absorption, protect roots, and produce hormones that stimulate floral size, potency and value.

Additionally by providing the list of carbo sources we just discussed, you’re also enhancing the taste and aroma of your plants.

 The benefits of using amino acids and other compounds in the correct form for your plants

With almost every individual ingredient in hydroponics formulas, there are many grades and types of ingredients and the differences between them decide whether they will deliver your bigger, better yields. Take, for example, molasses. Most types of molasses are loaded with sulphur or made from materials or processes that lower their sugar content and quality. This sulphured, low-grade molasses throw off extraneous minerals which make imbalances in your nutrient ratios while providing a smaller percentages of sugars.

Another example are the types and forms of amino acids in hydroponics formulas. Amino acids are crucial building blocks for proteins that fuel metabolic processes and physical structure in your flowering plants. Few hydroponics formulas contain amino acids but almost all the ones that do provide them in a form called “D-Aminos.” These aminos are cheap to source and manufacture but unfortunately they are not very helpful to your plants.

On the other hand, the L-form of amino acids provided by Bud candy are totally biologically available for rapid uptake and formation of proteins that rapidly increase your crop health and yield.

It matters a lot what forms and manufacturing processes are used.

 Sweeter flowers are worth more 

Sweeter flowers are possible when your plants can access anthocyanins, isoflavonoids, polyphenols, isoterpenes and tannins (found in cranberry and grape extracts). These compounds cause a bouquet of pleasant scents from flowers sometimes within moments of the compounds being fed to plants in water.

Another technique for upgrading the aroma, taste and value of your crop is to feed vitamins to your plants.

For example, Vitamin C could help photosynthesis, protecting your plants from negative effects of intense light and heat. To go along with Vitamin C, studies show that feeding your plants B vitamins provides many flower-boosting benefits while also protecting crops from stress.

Advanced Nutrients scientists have successfully managed the complex task of sourcing, processing, and combining all these crop boosting compounds (aminos, carbs, and vitamins) so Bud Candy delivers bigger, sweeter buds to you right away.

Best of all, you’re getting two products in one because Bud Candy gives you everything in Sweet Leaf and CarboLoad, but it also gives you a lot more in an easy to use formula.

Whether your plants are in bloom phase right now, or you’re preparing for bloom phase, this is the time to procure 100% organic Bud Candy and get cotton candy taste, fatter buds and stronger plants.