Bluelab - pH 7.0 Calibration Solution - 250 ml

  • Contains 250 ml/8.4 fl oz 
  • Boost your pH products’ longevity with regular cleaning and calibration 

Improve product longevity with regular calibration. How to calibrate your Bluelab pH products

You must develop the habit of routine cleaning and calibration if you want to increase the accuracy and lifetime of your Bluelab pH product.

Fortunately, all Bluelab pH meters and pens may be calibrated using the same simple procedure.

You must calibrate your pH probe with pH calibration solutions at two reference standards, 4.0 and 7.0 pH, after cleaning it. After calibrating, you can begin monitoring pH once more right once. When you clean your pH probe and whenever your meter notifies you that calibration is required, you must recalibrate.

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All Bluelab pH products must be used with Bluelab pH 7.0 Calibration Solution - 250 ml. To guarantee your Bluelab products last longer and retain accuracy, all Bluelab solutions are produced especially for Bluelab products and are referred to rigorous laboratory standards.

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Additionally, 20 ml sachets and 500 ml bottles of Bluelab pH 7.0 Calibration Solution are offered. Bluelab pH 4.0 Calibration Solution, which is offered in 20 ml sachets, 250 ml bottles, and 500 ml bottles, should be kept on hand to complete calibration.

As an alternative, our Bluelab Probe Care Kits include everything you need, including calibration solutions, KCl storage solution, and more, to clean, maintain, and calibrate your pH equipment. Our pH accessories and replacement components, such as replacement pH probes, storage covers, and transport cases, can also help you broaden your toolbox.

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