Bluelab Combo Meter


Measure pH, conductivity, and temperature on the go

  • Measures pH, conductivity, and temperature on the go
  • Brilliantly simple design that’s easy to use, clean, and calibrate
  • Backlit display to capture every measurement with ease
  • Includes a pH Probe and Conductivity Probe to cover all your nutrient uptake fundamentals
  • 2-metre cable for measuring in hard-to-reach locations
  • Customize scales to your preference - conductivity in EC, CF, PPM 500 (TDS) or PPM 700; temperature in °C or °F

Take care of the fundamentals

The science behind healthier plants

In order to promote ideal plant health, the basic variables conductivity, temperature, and pH are all crucial. With the Bluelab Combo Meter, you can optimise your plants' nutrient absorption by routinely testing the essentials.

Conductivity measures how many nutrients are present in your solution overall, whereas pH (potential hydrogen) measures how acidic or alkaline your medium is, which affects how well nutrients are absorbed. Your plants' development and structure are impacted by temperature.

The pH, conductivity, and temperature of nutrient reservoirs, run-off, and water supplies are all measured by the Bluelab Combo Meter. Additionally, you may use this metre anywhere, anytime to provide you with quick and precise readings.

Three-in-one portable solution

Brilliantly simple design

By handling all three requirements for nutrition uptake at once, the Bluelab Combo Meter offers the utmost ease.

Additionally, this multi-parameter meter and its probes have a delightfully straightforward design. The Bluelab pH Probe is simple to use, maintain, and calibrate; when needed, a replacement is similarly simple. Similar to the Bluelab Conductivity Probe, it operates simply and doesn't need to be calibrated.

Designed and built in New Zealand with growers in mind

You can trust that the Bluelab Combo Meter will make it simple for you to complete the necessary activities of regular growth because all of our products are made with and for growers.