Remo Nutrients - Bloom


Remo Bloom is made using only pharmaceutical grade minerals, marine extracts and the finest chelates to ensure consistency and pH balance. It is a bloom formula providing  a solid nutrient foundation.


Boron, chelated copper, chelated manganese, molybdenum, and chelated zinc.

What does molybdenum do?

Molybdenum converts nitrates to amino acids, which will increase yields by reducing stress on plants, improving pollination and fruit formation. Amino acids also release aromatic flavours, increase pollination, and help with ripening of fruits.


For flowering stage: Week 1-4: use 210ml per 100 litres. Week 5-7: use 262ml per 100 litres. Week 8: discontinue.

NPK 1 4 6 

Remo Nutrients are highly effective and suitable for use in hydroponic systems as well as soil and coco grows. Remo Nutrients come in 3 parts Grow, Bloom and Micro.