Blended Grow A+B - Athena


Blended Grow A+B Athena

Athena Grow is a simple balanced two part formula that targets the vegetative stage in plants.

It is important in the vegetative growth stage that you have the right formula blend to create a well rounded, strong and well rooted plant.

Athena Grow’s blend of top quality macronutrients and chelated micro nutrients generate better nutrient uptake meaning bigger and better quality crops.

This product is suitable for all growing methods, water types and growing mediums.

Use this product with Athena Bloom and you will see great results!


This product:

•Two part formula for the vegetative stage.

•Will help create strong, well rooted, and great quality plants.

•Suitable for any growing method (hydro, coco, soil).

•Contains a blend of macronutrients and chelated micronutrients.

•Creates a better nutrient uptake.


*Shake well before use*