Bio Roots - General Hydroponics


General Hydroponics BioRoots stimulates roots and rootlets

GHE BioRoots is a roots activator: 

It stimulates the growth of micro-organisms in the roots and favours the development of roots and rootlets. 
It improves the biotype of the roots and hardens their tips. This allows the development of a vigorous root system and a better settling of the plant into its environment. BioRoots helps the plant to better resist diseases and mould pathogens (powdery mildew, damping off etc).
Composition :
Bio Roots is composed of essences of plants, fruits and oil.  It is 100% natural and organic.
Like BioProtect and  BioBloom it comes from an ecologic recycling and is obtained without any chemical  or synthetic products and without artificial fertiliser. 
Application : 0.2ml /Litre.
Tip: Apply only  BioRoots on the cuttings.
BioRoots is available in 30ml, 60ml, 250ml, 1L - General Hydroponics