Atami - B'cuzz Blossom Builder


Give a huge boost to the size, structure and quality of flowers with Atami's B'cuzz Blossom Builder. It is a PK finisher and hardener that should be used in the final 4 weeks of the flowering stage. Blossom Builder by Atami will deliver a huge boost to the size, structure and quality of fruits and flowers, maximising your plants potential. This exciting product has been found to significantly enhance the tastes and aromas of fruits grown indoors and usefully comes in a highly concentrated liquid form.

Blossom Builder Liquid by Atami Bcuzz contains a unique P:K ratio of 1:1,5.

Derived from Potassium, Potassium Hydroxide and Phosphoric Acid.

NPK 0-20-32

Tip: Blossom Builder Liquid is suitable for all sorts of cultivation substrates like soil, hydro and coco and all irrigation systems. Highly concentrated. 0.25 ml to 0.50 ml per litre nutrition solution. In a nutrition reservoir of 100 litres, you will only need a maximum of 50 ml of Blossom Builder Liquid

Suitable for hydro, coco or soil media.

Sizes: 250ml, 500ml, 1L