Evoponic - BBC1 - Beneficial Bacterial Culture ONE 120g


20 million colony forming units per gram of product. They screen over 3000 strains and chose a combination that work TOGETHER, not in competition, to generate a healthy and natural environment for you plants to thrive in.
BBC1 contains endophytic bacteria that are absorbed by the plant and live in the
interstitial spaces between the cells fixing Nitrogen from the air. There are specialised
bacteria to enhance the availability and uptake of Phosphorous and Potassium during
the vital early growth stages all of which have been chosen because they will work
TOGETHER, rather than in competition with one another, to generate the healthiest and
most natural environment for you plants to thrive in.

This unique combination will:

  • Out compete native strains reducing proliferation of non-beneficial microbes
  • Produce a biofilm on the plant root acting as physical barrier to unwanted organisms
  • Fix atmospheric Nitrogen enabling less aggressive nutrient solutions
  • Enhance Phosphorous availability, uptake and metabolism
  • Enhance Potassium availability, uptake and metabolism
  • Improve Metabolite production
  • Increases growth Auxin Hormone production
  • Makes available carbon with nitrogen in key ratios
  • Fungal growth inhibition (Fusarium, Pythium, Rhizoctonia, Phytophthora, Sclerotinia, and Sclerotium)
  • Competes hard with potentially damaging phytotoxic bacteria and fungi
  • Soil application regenerates and revitalises low fertility soils and substrates
  • Induced Systemic resistance – reduction of foliar diseases