Guanokalong - BatBoost


This organic liquid fertilizer ‘BATBOOST’ contains 2% of Potassium. It’s a balanced mix of Guanokalong® extract taste improver, liquid humic acids and palm tree ashes. All the different contents come with their own famous advantages in this blend ‘BATBOOST’.

Advantages of Guanakalong Batboost:

  • Acceleration of root structuring.
  • Exuberant flower period.
  • Increased resistance of the plant against bacteria.
  • suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • High quantity of potassium.

Advantages of Batboost Humus: Batboost humus is made from 100% leonardite (highly oxidized lignite).

  • Conditions the soil and stimulates micro-life.
  • Creates high levels of permanent humus.
  • Reduces re-planting stress and water demand.
  • Has a high PH and water buffering capacity.

Guanokalong extract works as a taste improver, the humic acids help the plant to absorb the elements from the guano and other organic nutrients even more quickly. An excellent organic product.