Mills - Basis A & B


Mills Basis A & Basis B is simple two part, mineral base nutrient to give your plants optimal nutrition throughout the complete growth cycle. Basis has been designed with versatility as it enables the plant to absorb everything it needs within a wider pH range.  Using Mills Basis A&B improves your plants nutrient absorption, encourages photosynthesis stimulation, and enhances your plants cell division and celstrek. Mills Basis also helps your plants with its water/nutrient transportation, improves yield, gives extra vitality to the plant, and helps to restrict pesticide use as it stimulates your plants immune system whilst providing them with much needed essential trace elements.

  • High quality, concentrate mineral base feed
  • Used throughout the cycle – Grow and Bloom
  • Increased nutrient absorption
  • Suitable for use with all grow media and hydroponic systems

NPK A301

Tip: Mills BASIS A&B is to be used through the entire growth cycle.