BioTabs - Bactrex


Bactrex by Biotabs is part of the BioTabs ’organic growing & flowering method’. Bactrex contains mould of the genus trichoderma adding beneficial soil bacteria for your plants root system and is a soil fertility improver. Bactrex is a dry, water-soluble powder with a great number of beneficial soil and root microbes (including 6 strains of Bacillus spp.), fungi (trichoderma) and actinomycetes. These ingredients are specially selected for their constructive effect on soil structure and fertility. The specific root bacteria are “packaged” in soluble Yucca extract and organic catalysts to ensure rapid growth in plants root zone.

NPK 0-0-0

Tip: Use one level teaspoon per litre water. 1 Litre solution will treat 50 cuttings or seedlings. Bactrex can be used for soil and coco also container or in-ground plants and lastly for indoor & outdoor growing.