Optic Foliar - Atak


Atak - Optic Foliar

Part of Optic Foliar's range of pest control and disease control products. This formula treats powdery mildew.

ATAK is remarkable as it doesn't cause damage to your plants' leaves when applied in sunlight or under grow lights. Use ATAK to prevent damage to your crops during the growth stage up to the late stages of blooming. Keep your plants clean and healthy with ATAK.


Apply the pre-mixed solution about once a week to maintain shiny leaves.Suitable for use during the vegetative and flowering phases up until harvest.


1. It's efficient and high-performance;

2. It's durable and environmentally friendly;

3. It's non-toxic;It's made for use when the lights are on;

4. It boosts your crops' immune systems;

5. It's designed at the strictest OF standards of performance and quality.


How to Use:

Shake before use. Store in a protected and dark place. Keep out of reach of children. Keep away from extreme temperatures. Avoid ingesting the solution or breathing it in. Wear protective clothing when using ATAK. Avoid contact with your eyes and skin and in case of contact, rinse the affected area with water.