Atami - Ata Clean


Ata Clean by Atami is a liquid designed to keep your irrigation system in a good working condition. Ata Clean helps prevent and remove calcium, iron phosphate and algae sediments. This is also an organic product that is intended for use with tap water. If necessary adjust your pH level (5,5-6,0) before adding Ata clean. 

ATA Clean is a cleaning product which ensures your irrigation system stays fully functional. It prevents and cleans residue, making it water-soluble again so it is easily discharged with the water feed. Although ATA Clean has a relatively high PK value on the bottle, it is not considered as a fertilizer.


0.1 ml per Litre of nutrient solution

Nitrogen (N total) 0.11%
Phosphoric pentoxide 28.38%
Potassium oxide 11.43%
Natrium oxide 10.85%
Calcium oxide 0.28%
Magnesium oxide 0.20%
Sulphate oxide 0.13%

Tip: Add during every nutrition cycle, first make your basic nutrition solution, let nutrient solution settle and add Ata Clean at 1 ml per 10 litre of water.