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Oidio Killer - Agrobacterias

An organic fungicide used to increase your plants’ strength regarding fungal infestations, keeping almost every kind of fungi away from your plants.Oidio in Spanish means powdery mildew, although it can be used to fight off all sorts of fungi such as mildew, botrytis and fusarium fungi. It contains a mixture of Bacillus Amyloquefaciens, natural amino-acids and organic potassium – this mixture leaves no artificial residues in your plants.We recommend using a spray bottle to apply this product, allowing the beneficial bacteria to begin protecting your plant almost instantly, as well as getting rid of any fungi that has already managed to infest your plant

Dosage and how to use Oidio Killer by Agrobacterias:Dilute 1.5-2m per liter of water and apply via spraying, repeating the process every 15 days.Contents:Bacillus AmyloquefaciensNatural amino-acidsOrganic potassium