Advanced Nutrients - Sensi Grow Coco A & B 1L - SALE

size: 1L
Sensi Grow Coco A&B

Advanced Nutrients made it possible for even the most inexperienced coco coir grower to start experiencing "pro level" yields and buds!

Growers’ favourite, Sensi Grow Coco has been optimised for monster results in coco coir.

The coco coir medium naturally attracts and binds to calcium and magnesium. Average nutrients will have a greater percentage of their Ca and Mg bound to the growing medium and not transported to your plants where you want them potentially starving your precious crops. Also the potassium level of these Coco Coir nutrients take account of the high levels of potassium in the Coco Coir medium so you also avoid any possibility of potassium toxicity.

The Advanced Nutrients Sensi Coco has been formulated by a team of dedicated plant scientists to allow inexperienced growers to produce competition standard crops using coco. Advanced Nutrients manufactures 100% of their products, bringing high quality products every time.

Sensi Coco Grow should be used throughout the vegetative stage to give a strong and healthy growth. It will give your plants that little extra push, providing better overall growth and in turn, more abundant yields.

Sensi Coco Bloom should be used throughout the bloom period to give your plant everything it needs to reach its flowering/fruiting potential.


Sensi Coco Grow Part A: 3-0-0 Sensi Coco Grow Part B: 1-2-4