Buddhas Tree - Advanced Meta Boost


Increases nutrient uptake - Increases growth rates - Increases overall health

Advanced Meta-BOOST by Buddha's Tree is a plant biostimulant designed to be used for the entire flowering period. For outstanding performance use together with Buddhas Tree PK 9-18 or any other well known stable PK booster. This product is similar to Canna Boost and even considered better by many growers!

Energises - Metabolic Boost

Advanced Meta-BOOST increases metabolic response rates in plants by providing plant cells with the correct form of fuel they need. This means that your plants will not need to waste energy converting and producing its own fuel. All the saved energy will then be used for other important things such as the production of terpenes, sugars, oils and resins, thus increasing flavours and aromas. Meta- BOOST encourages plants to use nutrients in a complete and very efficient way. The increase in nutrient uptake will definitely translate to larger yields, together with a higher overall quality. 

Stimulates - Growth Biostimulant

Advanced Meta-BOOST is derived from a rich source of seaweed with a specific plant biostimulant that contains high levels of growth stimulators. These include Cytokinins, Auxins and Amino Acids. Cytokinins encourage cell division in roots and growing tips, increase flowering sites and are also responsible for leaf aging. Auxins are essential as a plant hormone for plant body development. Amino acids are needed throughout the entire life of your plants. These amino acids are used for the production of a large number of important growth factors, including vitamins, chlorophyll, enzymes, and proteins. 

Protects - Health Promoter

Stressed plants decrease and sometimes completely stop the synthesis of carbohydrates, which will then stop the creation of amino acids along with a number of other much needed substances. In this situation, your plants waste precious energy searching for and utilising alternate amino acid sources (such as the breaking down of structural proteins). This will show up as reduced plant vigour and lower yield and quality.  Advanced Meta-BOOST also includes a type of Betaine Glycerine. This substance will naturally give extra protection when environmental stresses have negatively affected plants.


Please Note: This product is not to be used with 'liquid oxygen' (H2O2)